Terrible Two’s at 13 months?

Dear Blake,

You discovered a weapon these past couple of weeks…your head.  You use your head to show your anger.  When something doesn’t go your way, you lay down on the floor and bang your head against the floor.  I always put my hand behind you to make sure you don’t get too hurt, but sometimes the smallest things set you off and we aren’t always there to protect you.  You also bang your head against the wall.  We tell you no and pick you up, but you throw an even bigger fit. 

Are we really in the terrible two’s at 13 months?  What will it be like when you’re actually two? 

After all the fits and crying and banging your head, we have special moments when we read books together and get ready for bed and I sing you a song and we calm down for the night.  When you go to bed, I think about how hard it was, but also how I can’t wait until you wake up so I can see my sweetie boy again.




5 thoughts on “Terrible Two’s at 13 months?

  1. Love reading your letters to Blake. I smiled when I clicked on your link and saw those tiny feet. I have a Blake too, and just the other day (actually more than 27 years ago) he was my little 13 month old. They grow up very fast.

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