Everything is changing

Dear Blake,

A lot of things that you have known since you were born, are now being taken away from you.  Doctor says…

Try to get rid of paci’s and bottles by 15 months and start giving only whole milk instead of formula.

I say…and how in the world are we supposed to do that in 2 months?!

Three things that you have known since you were born are now being taken away from you.  I think the world might END!

Fortunately, the bottle situation is going well.  You now are totally done with your bottles.  Only cups! 

The milk situation is amazing too!  It took a while, but you now are getting a full bottle of milk.  No…more…formula!  No more spending $37 a can!  At first we tried giving you a bottle of milk, but you threw it back at us.  All you’ve known for your whole life is the taste of formula so you were not having it.  We slowly had to wean you off of the formula and now you have only milk, success!

Paci’s are another story.  I think it might be a battle to try to get rid of your paci’s.  A battle I’m willing to face.  Crying fits, sleepless nights, not going to bed. 

A battle I’m willing to face…another time.

I still have 2 months.





4 thoughts on “Everything is changing

  1. Oh, I remember those days. Luckily for me, my girls did not ever grab hold of that binky. However, now at 3, they notice if anyone has one! Just when you are in a smooth routine and things are going well, the baby or the doctor in your case, has to switch it up. Best of luck. Hold on to time and lots of patience.

  2. Aweeee…… No fair!
    15 months and you’re already being told to modify…. Thank god he’s not a girl or he’d really have to get used to this! Eat this! Don’t eat that! Workout in the morning! Workout at night! Avoid anything yellow…… Blah blah blah! Just let me be…. Lol!!!
    Cute… Erin!

  3. So many rules of parenting change with the wind. The “must-do’s” of one generation are the “no-no’s” of the next. My kids spanned 17 years, and I finally learned to go with my gut and do what feels right. You will do the same.

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