I’ve been waiting for this

Dear Blake,

Mama didn’t feel good today.  I had a bad headache when I got home from work and all I wanted to do was be with you but it was really hard.  Grandma said you didn’t have a nap allllllllllll day so I decided this was a good opportunity to try to give you a nap so that I could rest for a while.  You napped but only for about 30 minutes and woke up SCREAMING!  You must have had that feeling that people have when they wake up from a nap and all they want to do is just keep sleeping…because you were crabby!  You didn’t want to play or do anything so I sat in the rocking chair and you crawled up to me holding out your hands for me.  I picked you up and you sat in my lap…for an hour!  I turned on Mickey mouse clubhouse and you just sat…watching…I thought you were sleeping because I never saw you sit so still in your tiny little life.  But your eyes were awake and you were just watching.  You even started talking softly in baby talk in the tiniest, quietest voice.  It was the first time you sat that long with me.  Usually you are on the move!  But today it was like you just wanted to snuggle close with your Mama.  My heart melted.  I never wanted anything more in my life than this time I was spending with you.  I keep asking Daddy, “When will Blake snuggle with me?!”  He keeps saying you will one day…well today was the day!  It was the best hour I spent in my whole life, just sitting with you.




3 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for this

  1. I especially like your title, Erin. It pulled me in from the start. “I never saw you sit so still in your tiny little life.” One of my favorite lines of your slice. I could envision this tiny little boy sitting so still in his momma’s lap. Precious.

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