To my son as he turns 1

Dear Blake,

I wanted to write you a letter for your first birthday but I will just include it on this blog.  You are turning 1 year old and I wanted to tell you how much you have changed our lives.  I can’t believe that one year has gone by and how much you have changed since you were born.  We started out having you taken away from us as soon as you were born and taken into the nursery.  Then we got to take you home and experienced sleepless nights.  We watched you grow and meet many different milestones like picking your head up, rolling over, sitting, crawling, pulling up to a stand, and crusing.  Now you are walking a few steps alone and saying a few words like Mama and Dadda.  We have watched you grow from an infant to a toddler.  You are independent and know what you want.  You also love to be cuddled and picked up.  I could never imagine my life without you in it.  You have changed our lives in ways you could never understand.  This is been the best year of our lives and it only gets better from here.  I hope you understand one day how much you mean to your Daddy and I, and how much we love you.




3 thoughts on “To my son as he turns 1

  1. Erin, How sweet! I feel like we’ve all been a part of watching little Blake grow up. I can’t believe he’s 1 already! What a treasure of letters you have written him during this first year of his life 🙂

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