If he’s anything like me

Dear Blake,

Up until now I’ve told you about the wonderful, fantastic things that happen to you and the positive things that happen.  Recently we have begun to notice the temper tantrums.  If you get into something you shouldn’t or do something you know you shouldn’t we tell you “no.”  You don’t like that at all.  You will get this pouty face and start crying, and the crying turns to screams and you throw yourself to the floor for a few seconds before we distract your attention elsewhere.  We are not even in the “terrible two’s” yet.  Daddy always refers to the Brad Paisley song “If he’s anything like me.”  It’s a song about how he’s going to get his payback if you’re anything like him.  Daddy went through that stage of throwing fits (as most kids do) but for a lot longer.  I think you’re going to be like you’re Daddy a lot and Daddy is going to get his payback for how he acted as a child.  Despite your fits and temper tantrums, we still love you so much and you will always be my “Sweetie boy.” 




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