11 months old!


Dear Blake,

Happy 11 month birthday!  I cannot believe how time really flies.  This time last year I had a HUGE belly and was praying for you to come out any day.  Any day turned into several weeks more but then we finally got to meet you.  I can’t believe we will be celebrating your birthday in a few weeks…

Things you can do at 11 months:

* stand holding on to furniture

* stand on your own for a few seconds

* giggle and laugh

* wave bye bye

* pick up finger foods with your fingers and eat it

* scream

* crawl super fast

* sit on your own

* give hugs

* reach for things you want

* crawl upstairs

* “read” books (turn pages of books and are interested in them)

* drink juice from a sippy cup

* cry when Mama leaves the room

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings and if you will walk or say your first word by your first birthday.  I know you will continue to bring us so much happiness and joy and that I have never been happier in my whole life. 





3 thoughts on “11 months old!

  1. I can already tell you’re going to be like me and cry at his 1st birthday party. You’re such a doting mom, Erin. It’s so cute.
    I love this list of all the things he can do at 11 months — he’ll be so glad to have this someday, and so will you. He’s a super star, too – he can do all sorts of things!! Go Blake!

  2. I really loved this slice Erin! I felt like it reflected a little bit of what we talked about at our writing meeting yesterday. Maybe? It makes me proud to see you thinking so quickly about how to apply things we’ve learned about as a staff. Love it!!

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