Oh boy! Whose turning one?!

Dear Blake,

On Saturday you will turn 11 months…what do I do to stop the time?  You are growing up so fast and you will soon turn 1 year old!  Of course I have been planning your big 1 year birthday for months now.  Especially because of pinterest (something your Mama is obsessed with), I have gotten so many ideas of Mickey Mouse themed birthday parties (what else?)  Your Daddy seems to think that your birthday party should be themed more like a boy themed like super heroes or something, I simply told him that you have your whole life to have a birthday party themed like that.  Your first birthday is going to be Mickey Mouse clubhouse which you happen to love anyway.  I have handmade invitations and sent them out already and started putting together projects of decorations.  I can’t wait to see your face that day when you encounter all the Mickeys and your first taste of birthday cake. 

We can take it easy on the next birthday, but you only have a first birthday party once…




4 thoughts on “Oh boy! Whose turning one?!

  1. It doesn’t matter what the theme is so long as you have fun relishing in your son’s delight! The best birthday party tip I got was to get some kind of color in the frosting for photo purposes. (We have photos of very hot pink hands from my daughter’s first birthday.)

    Enjoy celebrating your son’s special day. From your writing it sounds like you treasure each and every day you have with him. How lucky he is!

  2. I got some advice – too late to heed it – that I think is pretty smart. Have the same number of guests to the party as the age of the child. Hard to do, but much more manageable than what most of us do. The first one probably doesn’t count for this. 🙂 Enjoy.

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