Running and Mr. Rogers

Dear Blake,

In light of recent events that happened in Boston yesterday, I heard a quote said by Mr. Rogers years ago.  He said that whenever there were bad things in the news his Mom would say to him “Look for the helpers.  There are always people who are helping.”  I wish I could shelter you from all the evil in this world but I cannot.  I will try to teach you to see the good in this world and to look for the helpers.  While I was watching the news yesterday and saw the video clips over and over again, I noticed the helpers.  It seriously was amazing that while those poor runners were running away from the finish line (when they worked so hard to run towards it), other people were running toward the scene to help.  It is amazing there despite evil things that happen, that so many people are willing to help and do good in this world. 

I went for a run at 5am this morning.  I haven’t done that since I was training for marathons years ago.  I am a runner…this is what we do.  We wake up at obscene hours of the morning and go running in rain or shine, cold or heat.  We go running even though people try to scare us and think that we should never do it again, but this is when we perservere the most.  Runners are passionate and determined and nothing can stop us.  We run for great causes or charities or just to better ourselves.  We will not let evil stand in our way and today as I was running, I was thinking just that.  The run I went on this morning was for Boston, and all those that lost their lives in that tragedy and all those that got their accomplishment taken away from them.

I hope you see the good that is in this world and do not let evil stop you.




4 thoughts on “Running and Mr. Rogers

  1. Erin, I think this might be my favorite piece you’ve written so far! I just love that 2nd paragraph….it’s honest and beautiful and kind of poetic. Great slice! (And great advice from Mr. Rogers too).

  2. What a powerful post. I have been seeing that Mr. Rogers quote a lot lately on Facebook. It is such a good reminder. I agree with dmurphy2013, the second paragraph especially stood out to me.

  3. Erin, This is definately my favorite post your have written so far. I feel like it embodies who you are- looking for the goodness in life and not letting horrible things stop you!

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