Smartie pants

Dear Blake,

Lately you have been doing such smart things, smart for a 10 month old I think.  You have this Little Tikes house you play in that has a mailbox you can put things in.  I tell you to “get the mail” and you come crawling from across the room to “get the mail.”  You know what word I’m saying!  You also started “setting up your toys.”  I feel like this is something that an older child would do, but you take your little toys or blocks and set them up on the ledge of a shelf or a table.  You experiment with them and see what happens if you knock them down.  If it goes under the shelf you go to look for it.  You also have this toy that bounces up and down and makes different colored plastic balls pop into the air.  The other day you took one of your stuffed animals and put it inside and watched it pop up and down and started laughing.  You also have this frog puppet and the other day I made it talk to you and wave at you and you started waving back at the puppet!  Sometimes I just sit back and watch you and it’s amazing to me.  It might be normal for a baby your age, but to me, you are a little smartie pants! 




2 thoughts on “Smartie pants

  1. Erin – first of all, you’re the such an observant and loving mom… always watching him with awe – I just love it. Secondly, I told you this was the best age!! It’s just so fun watching them learn!! Blake IS a smarty pants!

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