Happy Easter!


Dear Blake,

Happy Easter!  A day filled with joy of our religious beliefs.  Today we have a full day ahead of us…we are going to church and you will get to see all sorts of family members and friends.  We will go to my church that I grew up at and it’s like coming home.  I hope you feel that same sense of welcoming that I do.  We will then come back home to a nice Easter lunch made by your Daddy (he is a great cook, as you will discover one day).  Then we will head back out to your Grandma and Papa’s house to have Easter dinner with the family! 

When I was little we always had an Easter Egg hunt and had to find our Easter baskets.  We would come downstairs in our pajamas on Easter morning, kind of like Christmas, and we would start searching.  We would search for our baskets first and each had our names on it.  Then we would start searching for the eggs.  Eggs that had money inside!  then we would put on our Sunday best with bonnets and all and head out to church.  Today will be similar because I know your Grandma and Papa are planning an Easter egg hunt, mostly for you, but also us “kids” will get to participate still.  I know there will be Easter baskets and now there will be one more basket hidden amonst ours.  There will be lots of food and good times spent with lots of family.  The joy for me will be to watch you find your Easter basket and eggs because that is what brings me happiness.  Today I am filled with Joy because you are in my life and I find myself smiling all the time no matter what I’m doing because I have you.  I hope you have a great first Easter and I know I will have the best time being with you and family and friends today.

I love you so much,



5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I love the letters you have written to your son. . . what a wonderful gift for him to read one day! Have a wonderful day sounds like it will be!

  2. Aw.. Such a great Easter bunny pic! haha.. That’s pretty rare, ya know. 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and time celebrating with family. Soak up the moments and take tons of pics.. They begin to fly by! Thanks for allowing all of us to share your letters with your son. They are beautiful and to be treasured. You BOTH will be so appreciative of them in the years to come.

  3. Erin, all of your letters are so touching and beautiful. You must continue this on Tuesdays, or once a month Tuesdays…something. I love your idea of getting them published. I know in the past and even today I talk to my mom about memories when I was too young to remember, but to have them written is brilliant. Blake is going to cherish this forever!

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