Dear Blake,

Growing up I had this little pink bunny stuffed animal that squeaked when you squeezed his tummy and I named “him” Smoffy.  My Mom says it was because one day I was sitting on the ground playing with him and was babbling baby talk and all of a sudden I said “Smoffy!”  That’s how he got his name.  Well Smoffy has been around since I was a baby like you and he is pretty old and tattered now.  I still have him.  He stays in a safe place in a box at the top of my closet.  It’s a childhood memory, friend, companion…

I have tried to find a replacement Smoffy (even though if I got a new one he would never be replaced because nothing could take place of the original Smoffy).  But I kept looking and searching the internet and could never find him.  A few months ago Daddy decided to try searching for a new Smoffy just as a surprise to Mommy.  First he found a yellow Smoffy!  It was Smoffy’s brother as we like to say.  It’s the same thing as the pink Smoffy but he’s a little yellow dog shape.  He bought it and it came in the mail and he was mine!  Daddy kept searching for a new pink one and finally he found one!  It’s pretty hard to find something from 1978 made by the Playskool company, but he did!  He emailed people to find out how he could get one.  Finally, a lady emailed him back and said she would be willing to part with the pink bunny because she actually had a few of them!  She said there was one catch…that I had to share my story of my pink bunny with her.  That was fine with me!  I emailed her back and told her the story of Smoffy and she emailed me back and told me her story of her same pink bunny named “Baba”. 

How exciting it was to find out that there was another lady in this world just as  crazy as I am that has a pink bunny from 1978 that was her favorite childhood stuffed animal!  She sent me the pink bunny through the mail and didn’t even charge me!  All she wanted was the story…naturally I sent her a gift card and some pictures of my Smoffy as a thank you. 

Ever since you were born I have been trying to see if you would take to a certain stuffed animal and make it your “Smoffy.”  You really like all of your stuffed animals.  When I got sent the pink bunny I decided to give you the yellow Smoffy brother to see if you would like it and of course you did!  As you held it and hugged it and giggled and laughed I knew there would be nothing in this world that I wouldn’t give you!  I truly know what it’s like to just want to make your child happy, because there’s nothing like seeing you happy.




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