Don’t go


Dear Blake,

I went to the gym this morning to go running and as I left you crawled over to the baby gate and looked sad and acted like you didn’t want me to go.  I snapped this picture as I was leaving and then had a thought…

I hope you always want to be close to me and be with me.  I’ve heard so many people say “Just wait until the day he WANTS you to go.”  For now, I love the fact that you are attached to me.  I love the fact that you wait for me and wave bye bye to me and get super excited when I come home!  I will be keeping these memories close to my heart because I don’t want there to be a day when you WANT me to go. 




9 thoughts on “Don’t go

  1. Way to go Erin for posting earlier in the day! A goal that we both talked yesterday about trying to achieve. The picture of your Blake is precious! The staircase, the lighting, the little man at the top of the stairs and his “best friend” sitting next to him. I love it.

  2. My oldest two are 14 and 16 and even though they act cool about me leaving, I am greeted with smiles when I get back. It’s a sweet recognition of just having Mom around. Great slice.

  3. I also loved that you can see the glimpse of the dog next to your son so that he isn’t “alone”. I hope that you enjoyed your time at the gym. I imagine that you drove away with this image in your mind and a smile on your face.

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