Mickey mouse clubhouse (not just for grownups)

Dear Blake,

You need to know that your Mama went to Disney World about 26 times in her life.  I am obsessed with Disney like no one else.  I have everything there is to have that relates to Disney, ran 2 Disney half marathons and 2 Disney full marathons, I have Disney pins, stuffed animals, clothes, and even Disney stock!  It’s only natural that you would eventually love Disney too!  When you were born we got you Mickey mouse stuffed animals and of course I made them “available” to you at all times hoping you would take to one of them and made it your special “woobie.”  Daddy says I’m pushing them on you, but I just make them “available.” 

I have been DVRing episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just to get you to love Disney as much as I do.  One day I turned on an episode and you crawled up to the TV and stood up as close to it as you could and started jumping up and down and shouting for joy!  Success!  My job is done.




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