Mama or Dadda?

Dear Blake,

You are only 9 months old and you seem to be doing things very early nowadays.  You can already walk while holding on to something and I don’t have another baby to compare it to but it seems like that is early.  Something you are doing right now is babbling words like Mamamama and Dadadada.  It’s not the real thing yet and I don’t think you know what you are saying.  But I was just wondering when that day will come that you will say Mama or Dada and actually mean it.  I wonder what your first word will be.  I think I will probably start crying when you actually say something, because I’ve cried at every first you have had so far (so why stop now?)  Who knows, maybe your first word will be Tike!




4 thoughts on “Mama or Dadda?

  1. Keep writing about your baby! I just found something that I wrote about my kids 11 years ago, when they were just 6 and 9. It seems like yesterday, and the written words caused me to remember with far greater clarity than I ever would have without them.

  2. I love that you cry every time he has a first!! Maddie AND Katie’s first word was “uh-oh”. We must say that a lot around here, I guess.
    I can’t wait until Blake starts walking. To me, there is nothing funnier than the sight of a baby learning to walk. It’s my favorite.

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