Bye bye!

Dear Blake,

You go to your Grandma Lia’s three days a week and she watches you while Mommy and Daddy are at work.  When I first had to drop you off, it was heartbreaking.  I didn’t want to miss anything in your day or anything that you did.  I had a real hard time leaving you everyday and would cry as I left their house after dropping you off.  It got better though.  Recently for the past few days I have begun being sad again.  I’m not sure why, but I can only think it’s because you are doing so many new things and I don’t want to miss anything again.  Today I picked you up and brought you home and was feeding you dinner in your high chair.  I waved at you to see if you would wave back (something I’m trying to teach you right now, along with clapping and SOOOOO BIG!)  You lifted your arm and started bobbing it up and down in the air like you were waving!  I starting tearing up and saying “Yeah!  Yeah!  Bye bye!”  I taught you something and I was there to see it!  I guess I need to realize that there might be times where I miss something but I will always see it eventually.  I also need to realize that your Grandma loves you very much and I’m glad you are with her while I can’t be.  I’m at work for you and my family and it’s something I have to do so that I CAN have a family.  My favorite part of the day is walking into their house and seeing your smiling face that is so happy to see me!




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