Last night in the hospital


Dear Blake,

After our sleepless night in the hospital we had a few more visitors that day and then we spent the day trying to figure out if we were going home.  The nurses were telling us that you needed to spend one more night in the hospital just to make sure you were ok and you didn’t have chicken pox and that your blood tests came back ok.  We had some visitors in and out all day and spent one more night in the hospital.  The next day we were still waiting for your blood tests to come back but the nurses decided that you could go home!  We got everything packed up and daddy went to go get the car seat.  We put you in the car seat and your looked so small in there (you don’t fit in that car seat now.)  We put you in the car and we were off to start our lives with you!


6 thoughts on “Last night in the hospital

  1. He does look so tiny in that car seat. Didn’t you just want to hold him instead? It’s amazing how fast they grow out of those car seats that once seem to consume them,

  2. Poor little guy:-( I a wondering if you are going to put all of your posts into a book for Blake? I love that you write to him every day. What a treasure your writing will be to him when he grows up:-)

  3. I was just catching up on the trauma fo the first days (and weeks before)….how scary and how brave you were….I can only image the scary moments those messy shingles caused you all…..I can’t wait to read the next chapter///

  4. Isn’t it so funny when you leave the hospital? It’s like you look at your husband and think, “now what do we do?”. We were so nervous the first night without any help. Such a blessing!!

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