Getting better

Dear Blake,

After we had been put in “contact isolation” Daddy went in to feed you again and I sat in the room visiting with people who came to see us in the hospital.  A nurse came to our room before we were going to bed and said that they were going to see if you were able to keep down the next feeding that they would let you come sleep in our room that night.  We said we didn’t care how late it was that they brought you in, we just wanted to be with you.  They said it might be about 1:00 in the morning.  So we went to bed for a few hours and there was a knock at the door and a nurse said “We have Blake for you!”  So you were in our room for the first night! 




2 thoughts on “Getting better

  1. Very tender. What a blessing to have him with you. Thanks for sharing.
    (By the way, your post doesn’t have the” http” in front of the link, so it’s not highlighted for people to click on. I just copied it and added the http, but you may want to repost with the full link.)

  2. Erin,
    This is great that you are writing to Blake every day. You need to print these and create a book to share with him some day. I think he would love it and it shoes the strong love his mommy has for him!!

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