Mixed messages


Dear Blake,

The day after you were born and after we got to see you in the nursery for the first time we were able to go in the nursery a few more times to see you.  We brought Grandma and Papa Lia to see you and we brought Grandma and Grandpa VanDeNorth in to see you and we brought Aunt Christine and Uncle Bryan and Auntie Stephie to see you and then finally we brought Granpa and Grandma Johnson to see you.  We spent about an hour in the nursery introducing you to each person and it was great!  After Grandpa and Grandma Johnson’s visit we headed back to our room and we were sitting there talking and a lady came in the room.  She wasn’t a nurse, she wasn’t a doctor, I could tell she was someone higher up like a boss.  She asked if she could talk to your Daddy and I privately.  I thought, oh no what’s wrong?!  Your Grandpa and Grandma left the room and the lady shut the door.  She said “I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we can’t let you (meaning me) go into the nursery anymore to see your son.”  I said that I didn’t understand because I’d been going in there all day to see you and now they are changing their mind.  They said because I have shingles and the hospital staff decided that it wasn’t a good idea anymore.  I started crying and just was utterly confused. 

They put a sign on our door that said “Contact Isolation.”  I was not allowed to even leave my room to get up and walk around.




5 thoughts on “Mixed messages

  1. That would be awful! I have heard shingles are horrendous, but then to be isolated would possibly be unbearable for me! You made it through, though!!

  2. The way you ended your post today was so powerful and appropriate. So often as mothers, we feel such immense pain, heart stabbing pain, but we soldier, well.. becasue we have to. Your abrupt ending really reflected this strength I think all mothers are akin to. – and on a more personal note.. I’m sorry. 😦 That had to have been horrible. Looking for to the next post where you have your reunion.

  3. I can’t imagine how this felt. To top it off they had to put an isolation sign on the door…like a symbol for how you felt. I think of the pain you felt in your heart and pain from the shingles…I’m so glad to know how all this ends.

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