My life changed forever

Dear Blake,

We arrived at the hospital and even though it was May 27th it was the hottest day of the year.  Your Dad dropped me off at the emergency room door and I got a wheelchair while he parked the car.  I checked in at the desk and they brought me up to the labor and delivery floor.  I knew this was it, but I still questioned whether I would be admitted or not because I had heard that sometimes women are not admitted and told to go home if they are not far along enough in their labor.  The nurses checked me and said I was definitely going to stay because I was going to have this baby today!  I thought it would go so fast because my contractions were so close together and they hurt a lot but they said “oh you’ll be here all day.”  As soon as we found out we were going to be staying we immediately called all our family.  We called Grandma and Papa Lia and Grandma and Grandpa VanDeNorth and Grandpa and Grandma Johnson, and Auntie Stepie and Aunt Christine and Uncle Bryan.  Even Daddy’s Uncle Carl came and Daddy’s neice Ashley was there and Colin.  They all came up to the hospital and pretty soon we had a whole party in my labor room!  I didn’t mind at all!  The more the merrier.  I knew as soon as I had to start pushing I would tell everyone to leave, but for now I loved having everyone in the room.  I was just laying there and once in a while a contraction would come along and cause me to stop talking for a few seconds so I could breathe. 

When the contractions got real bad they checked me again and said I was ready to have an epidural.  My Mom’s cousin is an anaesthesiologist at Silver Cross Hospital and she saw that I was on the list to have an epidural and of course came to my room to give me mine.  It was so ncie to have someone I knew give that to me and I think she might have even made it stronger because she didn’t want me to be in pain. 

Once I had the epidural I couldn’t feel my legs or any of the pain so I was doing so great!  Now we really had a party in my room!  Until they came to check me again and said I was ready to start pushing and they called my doctor.  Since it was memorial day weekend my doctor was away on vacation but her colleague was there to help me deliver you.  It took her 45 minutes to get to the hospital and I just layed there waiting.  I thought I would have you right then and there but the nurse assured me that I would have to push you out.  So when the doctor came I started to push and it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.  Daddy was next to me the whole time with words of encouragement and he was so great.  Finally you were born and I immediately fell in love with you.

It something I cannot explain but the moment we saw you we both knew that our lives changed forever and we loved you so much.  I can tell you how much we loved you at that moment but you will never understand unless you have kids of your own someday.  It was instant love.




6 thoughts on “My life changed forever

  1. Yes, the love you have for your children cannot be understood until you have your own. I remember thinking as I looked at my baby, I would go into a burning building for you!

  2. What a sweet story. I like how you had a party in your room due to all the people being there—-but I especially liked the line about it truly being a party when you got your meds! What a sweet idea to share with your son.

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