What are shingles?

Dear Blake,

About two weeks before you were born (I really thought you would have been born by now, but in fact you ended up being a week late), I got a real bad back ache.  Your Grandma had told me that sometimes people have back labor, so I thought it was all starting!  I called up your Grandma and I said “Mom, I think the baby might be coming soon because I think I might be getting that back labor you told me about.”  She said “Oh boy!  Why don’t you put a heating pad on your back to see if that helps.”  So I put a heating pad on my back on the lowest setting and layed in bed for about a half hour.  When I took the heating pad off I had three burn marks on my back that hurt real bad.  I was so mad that the heating pad had burned me.  I was about ready to take the heating pad back to the store and tell them I wanted to return it because it burned me.  Luckily I was going to the doctor the next day.  When I got to the doctor’s office I told her about my back pain and the fact that I burned myself with a heating pad.  She said “Honey, you didn’t burn yourself!  Those are shingles!”  I said “What are shingles?!”  I honestly didn’t know what it was.  She said they come from chicken pox and you get them from yourself if you’ve had chicken pox. 

So there I was…two weeks away from having you (really three weeks), and sitting in bed with the shingles.  I cannot express to you the pain of the shingles or how uncomfortable I was at the end of the pregnancy, but all I know is that I just wanted to meet you.  I was glad you were ok in my belly but I just wanted to meet my baby boy.  I would go through all the pain again because I knew it was something I just had to deal with and it was another obstacle I had to overcome to be able to meet you in the end. 




7 thoughts on “What are shingles?

  1. Shingles are bad enough without being pregnant. I can only imagine. I had shingles last year and can still remember that pain. I’m so glad that your little guy is okay and didn’t have any side effects from your bout with shingles.

  2. Oh my goodness. seriously.. you poor girl. Getting shingles the last two weeks of pregancy just seems like a horribly mean joke! Could there be any worse timing? One day- probably when he’s an adult :)- Blake will appreciate all you went through and understand that even through all the pain and suffering, your focus was on him, the excitement surpassed the pain. He better, anyway!

  3. I’ve heard they are incredibly painful. I can’t imagine being at the end of the pregnancy and having shingles. I hope you got lots of TLC during this time.

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