Blog while the baby sleeps

Dear Blake,

They said  the Mom should sleep while the baby is sleeping…but I guess I am blogging while the baby is sleeping.  I thought you would like to hear about the day we found out that we were going to have a baby.  Mommy and Daddy found out they were going to have you and it was about 10:00 at night.  We took a test and stood in the bathroom and waited 3 minutes until a little word popped up that would change our lives forever.  As soon as that word popped up we started crying and we were so happy!  We could not wait to tell anyone so we got in the car at 10:00 pm and drove to Grandma and Grandpa VanDeNorth’s house.  Grandma was already sleeping and Grandpa was sleeping in the front room chair.  We knocked on the door and I think we scared Grandpa.  We went into the house and he thought something was wrong.  We woke up Grandma and told them we were going to have a baby.  They were so happy and excited!  We had to leave right away because we still wanted to drive all the way to Orland Park to tell Grandma and Papa Lia that we were going to have a baby.  We got to their house around 11:00 pm and went into a dark house.  Mommy went upstairs and woke up Auntie Stephie and she thought something bad was happening.  I went into Grandma and Papa’s room and they were so scared and Grandma refused to come downstairs because she thought something awful was happening.  We finally got everyone downstairs and told them we were going to have a baby and everyone was so excited!  You see Blake, we were so happy to be having a baby that we just could not wait to tell anyone…even if it was 11:00pm!


7 thoughts on “Blog while the baby sleeps

  1. Your piece carries so much emotion, talking to your new son and describing your elated feelings when you found you were expecting. A happy read!

  2. Erin, this blog is a wonderful gift to Blake. What a fantastic idea! I completely relate to the excitement of this piece. I made my husband drive to Jewel at 11 30 at night to get a second test…I had to be sure!

  3. That photo is darling! What a special collection this will be for your son. So much excitement for a new life! You must have scared your relatives to death with your late night visits, but fun now to retell.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this entry. It brought back memories of the day we told everyone about our first pregnancy. I love the idea for this blog. He will truly enjoy reading this and sharing it with his children in the future. Keep adding those memories!

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